Contemporary art finds a new home at The Jasper

The Jasper invites its residents and visitors to explore its art collection.

Within the halls of The Jasper resides a vast collection of art that represents the diversity of South Carolina. From Joe Walter’s sculpture in the bookshelf and Arianne King Comer’s batik to Cheryl Goldsleger’s encaustic sculptures and Bill Buggel’s concrete pieces, there’s a piece that’s sure to capture the attention of residents, visitors and our community.

While the exterior architecture of The Jasper complements the traditional styles and values expressed throughout the historic district of Charleston, SC, the interior provides an intentional juxtaposition. The result is an embrace of the present and past in response to the perspectives, ideas and desired new lifestyle of the community and The Beach Company.

“The intent to display contemporary art at The Jasper is to go beyond traditional and conservative values and highlight the journey to design and create a complex structure like the residence itself,” says John Darby, President and CEO of The Beach Company and Kiawah River. “Innovation, experimentation, risk, fresh ideas, and emotion is expressed by the shapes, colors, and the lines that make up the work.”

Darby brought in Mark Sloan, the former director and chief curator of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, and his sister Anne Darby Parker, MSA, an artist in residence, to help with the selection process.

“Having Mark involved brought another level to the art,” says Parker. “With his guidance, we met with almost every artist in their studio and looked at how their art contrasts and somehow has a thread that makes it feel connected within the collection. It was such a personal and intimate process for a public space.’”

The collection is diverse and unique ranging from the newly emerging to the established master. An assortment of sculptures and paintings include some of South Carolina’s most recognized artists standing side-by-side with those believed to have a promising future. The Beach Company and its related companies have supported the local art community for more than a century starting with a portfolio of theaters along King Street. Owned and operated by Pastime Amusement Company, each theater was carefully designed with art deco features offering live entertainment.

The Jasper collection strives to provide a welcoming environment for its residents and visitors to experience and appreciate. Click on an artist below to explore more about their inspiration and artwork.