The Annual Jasper Star Lighting is November 30 !

Celebrate with The Jasper community as we mark the beginning of the holiday season by carrying on the more than half-century-old tradition of lighting the former “Sergeant Jasper” apartments’ iconic rooftop star. The glittering star complements the Charleston Parks Conservancy’s Christmas tree at Colonial Lake and rekindles fond memories and traditions for neighbors who recall the old Sergeant Jasper’s familiar holiday beacon.  

The lighting of the 20-by-20-foot star will take place this year on November 30 on the ground-level plaza between The Jasper’s office, retail and residential buildings along Broad Street. 

Enjoy live music by the talented John Heinsohn, indulge yourself in a bite to eat from the Semilla food truck and savor the rich flavors of wine and beer served by Lowcountry Taps. 

Adding to the magic of the evening, a young resident from The Jasper will be selected to help in lighting the 20-by-20-foot star, upholding the cherished tradition, and ensuring its continuity for generations to come. This ground-level plaza lighting ceremony promises to be a heartwarming tribute, the glittering star gracefully complementing Charleston Parks Conservancy’s Christmas tree, creating a breathtaking harmony of festive lights perfect for the holiday season! 

Join us as we come together to create lasting memories and embrace the wonder of the season. All are welcome to partake in this joyous occasion, to cherish the warmth of community spirit and to revel in the magic that illuminates Broad Street during this special time of year.