Dining: What’s New in Charleston

Charleston is a renowned destination for food enthusiasts worldwide, drawn by its rich local ingredients and innovative culinary concepts found within historic landmark restaurants. Luckily for locals, these internationally acclaimed dining establishments are just steps from The Jasper. Whether you’re yearning for a classic burger from your favorite local dive or an exquisite meal from a prestigious five-star restaurant, exceptional dining experiences await right at your doorstep. Here, we’ve curated a selection of exciting new eateries for you to explore during your next stroll through town. 

Legend Deli – 41-A George Street  
Food and beverage connoisseur Chaz Wendel has teamed up with former Husk chef Tyler Hunt to bring Charleston the vibrant Legend Deli. Situated on George Street, this colorful sandwich shop is dedicated to serving the finest sandwiches in town. Their menu boasts beloved classics like the ‘In Da Club Sub,’ a delectable club sandwich, as well as inventive combinations like the ‘Sweet Baby Jesus,’ featuring shredded sweet potato drenched in Cheerwine barbecue sauce. Legend Deli also offers a breakfast menu featuring steamed bagels and hash brown burritos. 

Azur – 159 Market Street  
Executive chef Dominic Chantepie, alongside beverage director Mathis Chantepie and general manager Benjamin Boisson, have unveiled Azur, a restaurant that promises to transport the flavors of France, Italy and Spain to downtown Charleston. On the menu, you can expect classic dishes such as ‘boeuf en croute,’ mussels, meatballs in tomato sauce, an array of cheese plates, caviar and an enticing selection of cocktails to complement your meal. 

Ma’am Saab – 251 Meeting Street  
Long-awaited by fans of Pakistani cuisine, Ma’am Saab’s co-owners Maryam Ghaznavi and Raheel Gauba have finally opened their downtown location on Meeting Street. Here, you can savor delectable dishes like butter chicken, lamb samosas, biryani and nalli nihari in a trendy and vibrant dining setting. The restaurant offers a lively atmosphere with loud music and unique cocktails that can be customized to your preference, whether you prefer them alcohol-free or with the addition of delta-9 THC. Ma’am Saab promises an unparalleled dining experience that is currently unmatched in Charleston.