Art & Artists at The Jasper: Bill Buggel

Bill Buggel
Road on the Way to Pea Ridge
48 x 42.75 in
Concrete and acrylic on board

Bill Buggel
Passing Paper Whites
21 x 64 in
Concrete and acrylic on board

About the artist:

One day 50 years ago, Bill Buggel was walking by Senate plaza in Columbia, South Carolina. They had dug a big hole and uncovered red clay and fine gravel from granite. Thus began a long focus on using textured materials to create abstract paintings or sculptures. His deeply textured wall pieces with sculpted marks belie the complexity of creation.

Buggel graduated from the University of South Carolina in his hometown, working as an apprentice at the museum in Columbia during his academic years before coming to Charleston to be the assistant director at the Gibbes Museum of Art and has been in the Charleston area since 1967.

About the art:

Passing Paper Whites: “As can be seen in other of my paintings, I am attracted to masses of color in repeating groups which are usually seen while passing by them. I broke the view into four parts: the long view, the normal view, the medium view and the close-up.  I tried to use colors close to the flowers and leaves, but nature is hard to duplicate.” — Bill Buggel

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