Welcome The Webb Gallery! 

Please welcome The Webb Gallery to Ashley Artisan Suites! Located in Suite 114, owner and artist Stephen Elliot Webb specializes in abstract mixed media paintings.  

Stephen is a native of Charleston and has always been inspired by the sights and textures that surround him. 

“My artwork evolved in my 40s into an abstract direction and continues even deeper into the abstract as my 50s unfold. With these grand windows peering out into the city that I love so much, I imagine much of the city’s visual and historic charm will find a way into what this studio will produce,” says Stephen. 

“Painting and sharing these creations that come from within me, with the people who both live and visit here, is a personal honor I have never taken lightly. I am thrilled to open The Webb Gallery in Ashley Artisan Suites. Doing this out of such a beautiful location takes my artistic mission to new planes altogether.” 

Please stop by the gallery Tuesday through Saturday, Noon to 5 p.m. to welcome Stephen or call him at 843.214.4301 for an appointment! 

UOVO, 2023
Requiem For Ukraine, 2023