Join Us as a New Star is Born at The Jasper

Cue the holiday revelry! Christmas in Charleston is one of the most charming times of the year to celebrate annual traditions. From festive homes and shop windows, to Colonial Lake’s beloved Christmas tree, and the old Sergeant Jasper star lighting, the holidays are a time when we rekindle fond memories. While the holidays may look a little different this year, there are wintertime experiences that you don’t want to miss. 

The Jasper is carrying on the legacy of Sergeant Jasper’s iconic rooftop star, which was lit as a tradition that marked the beginning of the holiday season. Now, The Jasper is reviving the star with a twist. The star lighting took place on Friday, December 11, in the ground level plaza between the office and residential buildings along Broad Street. 

While you pay a visit, take a stroll over to Colonial Lake’s Christmas tree, which is lit by Charleston Parks Conservancy in honor of an almost decade-long park ceremony. Shining in the center of Colonial Lake, the tree’s reflection on the glassy water illuminates the whole park. The vibrant display of lights and yellow star is a warm and familiar sight for neighbors who look forward to the ceremony each year. When the Christmas tree at Colonial Lake turns on, Christmas comes to life.   

 You’ll feel inspired to put up your own holiday decorations at home – if you were patient enough to wait until after Thanksgiving, that is.   

We hope you will embrace the holiday magic at on Broad Street with your loved ones. Go relish Charleston’s mild winter weather and festive sights around your home at the Jasper.