Introducing Lose Your Mind Head Spa at The Jasper!

We are delighted to announce the latest addition to Ashley Artisan Suites —Jennifer Cuba’s Lose Your Mind Head Spa! With a rich background in massage therapy and esthetics, Jennifer brings years of experience and passion to her unique venture. 

As a seasoned massage therapist who got her license in 1990, Jennifer spent her winters working in Palm Beach, FL, and summers in Maine, until her journey took a fascinating turn in 2005 when she returned to Charleston to care for her parents. Venturing into esthetics led her to specialize in eyelash extensions, marking the beginning of a remarkable career shift. 

Fast forward roughly 15 years, and Jennifer felt the call for change again. After watching head spa demonstrations on YouTube, she wanted to get one herself! However, there was no one offering this service nearby. That’s when the light bulb moment struck—she could offer this service herself. All she needed was the right equipment and she could to bring relaxation and rejuvenation to you! 

Jennifer discovered the wonders of multisensory Oway hair products, transforming salon shampoo and conditioning into an indulgent hour-long scalp spa treatment. From exfoliation to detoxifying masks, hot oil treatments, and custom herbal tea scalp soaks, Lose Your Mind Head Spa aims to massage away stress and tension, providing a holistic escape for your mind. 

We extend a warm welcome to Jennifer Cuba and Lose Your Mind Head Spa at The Jasper! We’re excited to have her unique and rejuvenating services enhance our community. Stay tuned for updates, and we hope you’ll check her out soon! 

Booking Information: 
While online booking will be available, you can also pre-book by texting Jennifer at 843-693-4710. 

Embrace relaxation, pampering, and a journey to “Lose Your Mind” at The Jasper’s newest gem, Lose Your Mind Head Spa!