FORM Charleston’s Elevated Client Experience

FORM Charleston opened the doors to their Megaformer studio at The Jasper in May 2022. The studio has created an elevated client experience, focused on strengthening their clients’ entire body.

What is a Megaformer? A Megaformer is a fitness machine with a moving platform and springs for resistance. It’s often mistaken for a Pilates reformer because the machines look similar, but Megaformer workouts emphasize strength, and Pilates focuses on stretching. The workout is a slow and controlled, full-body, low-impact workout.

Keli Koniver, FORM Charleston’s owner, says that The Jasper is the perfect location for her Megaformer studio. Not only is the building one of the most exclusive addresses in downtown Charleston, but she also looks forward to welcoming the professionals who work in the building to take part in one of the more unique wellness experiences in Charleston. And residents here are eager to take advantage of new fitness experiences, especially when they’re located right in their own building.

Keli’s journey to open FORM began with a pretty common situation. To help recover from a c-section, Keli’s doctor recommended she start core-strengthening exercises. Her search led her to a Megaformer studio on the peninsula, and she found the low-impact, full-body workout really suited her needs. As a former college athlete, Keli craved that feeling of pushing her body to its limit—but being a little older, she wasn’t looking for the aches and pains that come with a more high-impact regimen. Once Keli tried it, she was hooked. So, when the studio she was attending closed, she connected with one of the trainers and they decided to open their own place.

Classes at FORM (named for the importance of correct form that is necessary for the workouts to be successful), are about 45 minutes long and focus on building strength for your entire body. A typical workout will cycle through all the major parts of the body: arms, legs, obliques and abs, using moves with names like Mermaid, Bear and Catfish to strengthen and shape. The resulting workout is so effective that according to Keli, you’ll “shake until you can’t move.”

According to Christina Van Desen at Atlanta Magazine, The Megaformer “slays even the fittest. The goal of Megaformer classes, in general, is to dig into your slow-twitch muscle fibers by moving very slowly, holding and pulsing. This allows the fibers to break down, creating muscle fatigue and failure. The muscles heal after class and come back stronger.”

FORM takes pride in being a boutique studio. With only seven machines in the studio, trainers can offer more personalized attention to each client. The result is targeted help, form critique and correction that a larger studio can’t give their students. Because, as Keli tells us, “Form is critical. One small tweak in your form in the right or wrong direction is the difference between getting great results and potentially getting hurt.”

If you’re thinking about trying Megaformer, don’t be intimidated. FORM’s seven certified Lagree Method trainers are eager to help you get familiar with the machine and the accompanying workout. The classes are for all ages and all stages—from beginners to elite athletes. And if you’re hesitating, just take Keli’s advice for beginners: “Just show up.”