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Sgt. Jasper Update

Say farewell to the Sergeant Jasper! White netting is now covering the building as we move into the last phases of demolition. Cranes will soon arrive on the site as the roof and exterior walls are removed. Construction on the new building will commence in the spring of 2018.

A History of the Sergeant Jasper Apartments

In 1951, the Sergeant Jasper Apartments were celebrated as Charleston’s “first large modern apartment building,” and its open house event on September 9 “attracted a crowd estimated at 10,000 persons,” according a report in The Charleston Evening Post. Built adjacent to the Moultrie Playground and facing the Ashley River, the Sergeant Jasper was heralded as a post-war sign of progress for the City of Charleston.

The Sergeant Jasper Apartments were built during the late 1940s and early 1950s, “… when Charleston was poor. A major political figure, J.C. Long who was a state senator, a member of City Council, and a developer had an idea. His idea was to use something new, FHA financing, to build an apartment building to provide multi-family affordable housing on a mudflat on the edge of town in a not particularly desirable neighborhood,” according to Robert Rosen in a Post & Courier article on April 9, 2016.

Almost 70 years later, The Jasper now finds itself located in the Old and Historic District, and Charleston has been named “Top City in the USA” for its fifth consecutive year by Travel and Leisure magazine. Charleston Mayor William McG. Morrison was quoted in the News and Courier on June 15, 1949 saying, “I am delighted that Charleston will have the advantage of this excellent apartment building which is so badly needed and which indicates that the sponsors have real faith in the progressive future of Charleston.”

The Story of Revolutionary War Hero, Sergeant Jasper

During the Revolutionary War in 1775, patriot Colonel William Moultrie took possession of Fort Johnson from the British. As there was not yet a flag for the patriots or the State of South Carolina, the Charleston Council of Safety

instructed Moultrie to design a flag to designate the patriots’ claim on Fort Johnson. Moultrie designed a blue flag with a white crescent moon in the canton. He flew the new flag over the fort he built at Sullivan’s Island with walls made of palmetto logs. On June 28, 1776, a British fleet arrived with

10 warships and commenced the Battle of Fort Sullivan. Remarkably, the palmetto logs sustained the furious British cannon fire, absorbing the force of the mortars. During the bombardment, the pole holding up Moultrie’s Liberty flag was broken by a cannon shot and the flag fell outside the fort. A young sergeant named William Jasper recovered the flag – risking death from the heavy British fire – raised it on a temporary staff, and held it under fire until a new staff was installed. Governor John Rutledge gave his sword to Jasper in recognition of his bravery. The Battle of Sullivan’s Island was a decisive victory for the colonists. Today, the flag of the State of South Carolina is based on the Moultrie flag. The blue flag and the crescent are exactly as the original, with a palmetto tree added in the center.

The Jasper

The Jasper is a majestic 12-story landmark building under development in Charleston’s historic district that will feature premium office space, luxury apartments and high-end dining and retail. With commanding waterfront and peninsula views and first-class amenities to match, the Jasper offers the only opportunity to live and work in a new luxury space in the iconic historic district.